Vienna: eat & drink

Discovering Vienna in winter is usually bad for your (frozen) toes. To avoid hypothermia and make sure you stay well fed, here are our Viennese addresses.

Disclaimer: too busy eating, we forgot to take pictures of the places. So enjoy some regular touristic photos of Vienna instead.





Our favorite meal in Vienna.
The menu is fresh and simple, avocado salad and halloumi burger, and it was marvelous. We’ve even witnessed the avocado delivery, for the best direct-to-plate we’ve ever seen.
The place is modern, waiters are considerate and lovely and the bill won’t cost you a leg.
We were beyond happy to have stumbled on Figar as we were actually going to another restaurant, that we’ve never found.
So when we’ve seen some lights in Figar, we’ve entered, without regrets.


It’s 100% hipster/industrial/anything you want (in complete honesty, we are totally ok for that), and the beef tartare is top notch. Being a coffee shop, a bar, and a restaurant, they have, at the same time, an amazing beer and tea selection.
As I am not very adventurous when it comes to the latest, I’ve taken a classic lemongrass&ginger presented in a For Life teapot, as it is in many cool places nowadays.
Let’s take two minutes to think about the tremendous economic spike this company must have had since it became the reference for trendy teapots (that’s a tiny niche).




The place, in the Sofitel’s last floor, have excellent cocktails (a bit more expensive than in most bars around) and offers one of the best view above Vienna.
Stephansdom on one side, the blue Danube and the ferris wheel on the other, and as the cherry on the cake a ceiling designed by Jean Nouvel that’s reflecting upon the windows and change your perception of the lights.
The costumers,as you can expect in the bar of a luxery hotel, are young and posh. But  forget the fauna and focus on the view. Das Loft is also a gastronomic restaurant and if the cuisine is in the same standards as the view (and if you can afford it) it’s a cool choice for a romantic diner or a little Treat Yo Self.


The big discovery of this trip is there are still european countries that allow people to smoke inside. It’s probable that the Austrian leaders took pity of the poor smokers that would have, otherwise, ended like Jack Nicholson in Shining every time they wanted to have a cigarette.
Café Alt Wien is in the center and looks like student bars where alcohol is cheap and conversations are enthouthiastic. Divided in two areas, smoking and non-smoking, this café offers some good and inexpensive house wines and a little menu unpretientious menu For the snacks, it’s sausage festival:there are a lot, each with its particularity and you’ll necesseraly find one that’ll make you happy.


A Viennese coffee house with graphic twist. The decor is classic and shares the spot with neon colors menus and mirrors with big typos.
There are schnitzels and applestrüdels and it’s the perfect place if you want to try Austrian cuisine with style.
I’m talking about you, who have to maintain your reputation and have Instagrams to share.


GOÛTER (french version of the afternoon tea)


It’s funny to say and it’s great to eat. Fruth looks like your afternoon spent at your grandma’s place, but a really good grandma. From macarons to truffles, while adding cheesecakes, it’s impossible to not find your right match. You can take away the cakes but it’s always best to eat them while leaning on the counter and talking with the host.

photo credit: Mathieu Moody & my iPhone
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